About Our Team

IDX Teamwork

IDX America = Experience + Coaching

Our team has over 7+ years working specifically with IDX Broker solutions and more than 15+ years experience integrating complete marketing solutions from lead generation on your website to final closing of the sales process.  We truly understand that Real Estate Agents want to focus on working with their Buyers and Sellers instead of trying to master every aspect of online marketing.

After working with more than 1000+ Real Estate Agents over the past 7 years we’ve learned a lot about why Agents succeed or fail in real estate marketing. While you can certainly just throw money at real estate marketing… we have found that empowering and coaching Real Estate Professionals while also providing full-service consulting is a more direct path to success.  Our coaching programs help fill in the blanks so you can recognize and take advantage of marketing opportunities that present themselves throughout your normal daily routine working with Buyers and Sellers.

We Make It Simple

So… you didn’t get the Memo that being a successful Real Estate Agent/Broker now means mastering web development, search engine optimization, social media marketing, blogging and more?  Well, you have arrived at the right place.  Let us simplify your life with our Lead Generation Coaching and IDX Integration professional services.